Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Interested in a deeper dive on digital and civic technology?

Susan Crawford is a technology and policy expert, and the author of The Responsive City: Engaging Communities Through Data Smart Governance. Crawford advocates the use of technology, including big data, to solve problems and build citizen participation at the community level.

Here's a case study of how these theories were put to work in the City of Boston.

Here's an NPR interview with Crawford about high speed Internet access in the US.  Here's another piece rom Time Magazine: Is Broadband Internet Access a Public Utility? 

Crawford spoke about her work at the 2014 Knight Civic Media Conference at MIT. You can watch her talk here.

Here's the Knight Foundation slideshare: The Emergence of Civic Tech: Investments in a Growing Field.

Amy Webb is currently working as a Neiman Fellow at Harvard, and is the CEO of Webbmediagroup, which identifies emerging tech trends, for both businesses and municipalities. Here's Amy's report on Tech Trends for 2015

The MIT Center for Civic Media covers all kinds of interesting tech developments. Worth a look.

Pew Internet Center has research on how citizens use technology, including social media. Here's a data sheet on Who's Using Social Media.  Here's another report on Online Civic Engagement: Who's engaging and why. And here's research on Social Media and Political Engagement.

The Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative site has lots of information about tech and manufacturing in Massachusetts.

Wired magazine offers an interesting read on technology developments.

Mashable tech section offers a look at consumer tech, along with BusinessInsider and GigaOm

Re/Code covers the tech industry, from both a consumer and business point of view; here's a recent series on Boston technology .

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